The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes you on another wondrous adventure in Hyrule. As Link, you’ll battle numerous foes, explore new locations, discover many secrets, and even engage in a bit of DIY with your new crafting Ultrahand. Things can get a bit overwhelming due to numerous mechanics and ideas. However, our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides hub will help you on your journey.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Starter Guide

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Starter and general guides

  • Beginner’s guide – Learn some tips and tricks as you begin your journey.
  • Starting area: Great Sky Island overview – Here’s what you can expect in this starting area.
  • Where to go first – Find out which region to visit first as part of the campaign.
  • How to fast travel – There are multiple ways to fast travel in the game.
  • Recipes list and cookbook – It’s time to cook, Jesse–er, Link.
  • Skyview Towers – Reveal areas of the map and get launched into the sky while you’re at it.
  • Geoglyphs and Dragon’s Tears – Find the pools of water to see a vision.
  • How to earn more money/Rupees – Make some extra cash as you go on an adventure.
  • How to respec hearts and stamina – Choose hearts or stamina, or exchange one for the other.
  • How to farm more Spicy Peppers – You’ll need a lot of these when you visit snowy regions.
  • Where to find Hestu – The dancing Korok is back and he’ll increase your inventory slots.

Important and unique items

  • How to get the Wingsuit – Get improved controls when skydiving with this clothing set.
  • How to dye your armor and paraglider – Want to change the colors of your equipment? Here’s how.
  • How to get Majora’s Mask – Find this iconic mask that comes with a nice gameplay benefit, too.
  • How to get the Hylian Shield – Link’s iconic shield is available early on.
  • How to get Midna’s Helmet – Find this throwback helmet during your adventure.
  • How to get the Tunic of the Wind – Dress Link in his classic green tunic if you’re feeling nostalgic.
  • Misko’s Treasures – There are treasures hidden in caves, netting you some unique chest pieces.

Abilities: Ultrahand, Zonaite Devices, and Sage Companions

  • All abilities – Learn about all the abilities you can unlock in the game.
  • Sage abilities and how to unlock them – Here’s a rundown of the many Sage abilities you’ll obtain and which to prioritize.
  • Zonai Devices – These are the Zonai contraptions that you’ll make use of.
  • How to upgrade your Energy Cell – Don’t let your battery get depleted.
  • Ultrahand tips – Here are some nifty tricks when using the Ultrahand’s grab and attach actions.
  • Autobuild tips – This important skill is easily missable–so don’t miss it!
  • Best weapon Fuses for the early-game – We’ve got some suggestions for things you can cast Fuse on.

Purah Pad

  • How to get the Camera and Sensor – Get the Camera and Sensor so you can track everything easily.
  • How to get the Travel Medallion – Obtain your own instant teleportation circles.

Chasm and Depths

  • Depths and Chasms overview – Learn about the Depths region/world, which has its own challenges and wonders.
  • Where to find the Hebra Chasm/Abandoned Hebra Mine – You’ll want to locate the last Chasm that’s part of the Depths quest chain.
  • Master Kohga boss encounters – Master Kohga is back, and you’ll bump into him more than once.

Mounts and stables

  • How to get Epona – Link’s trusty horse can be yours once more.
  • How to get a mount – There are also other options if you need an animal mount.
  • Stables guide – Here’s everything to know about stables and how to use mounts with them.


  • Shrine locations – It’s time to find the Shrines and complete the challenges therein.
    • Mayachin Shrine
    • Musanokir Shrine
    • Tsutsu-Um Shrine
    • Domizuin Shrine
    • High Spring and Light Rings/Zakusu Shrine

Side quests and puzzles

  • Where to trade Bubbul Gems – Loot these from Bubbulfrogs in caves, and find the NPC that wants them.
  • Heroine’s Secret – Help a Gerudo warrior learn more about the past.
  • A Call From the Depths – The Goddess Statue seems to have lost her “eyes” somewhere.
  • Typhlo Ruins – There are riddles that require you to use elemental powers.
  • The Deku Tree and Great Hyrule Forest – You’ll get sent back the way you came unless you cleanse the foul mists.
  • Lurelin Village – Ransacked by pirates, you can restore the town to its former glory.
  • Ring Ruins: Trip Through History – Numerous ruins have fallen from the sky, and you’ll need to read their inscriptions.
  • Great Fairies – The Great Fairies are back. Here’s where you can find each of them.
  • King Gleeok secret boss battle – This secret boss would prove formidable, but we found an easy workaround.

Progression guides: Main quests, bosses, and late-game

We’ll be adding more articles to our The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides hub, so stay tuned.

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