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Les Benjamins Enters Web3 With Flying Carpet Crew

Luxury streetwear brand Les Benjamins showcased the power of blockchain technology at Paris Fashion Week. Significantly, they have partnered with Kalder to unveil their Flying Carpet Crew. The crew offers members exclusive access to VIP events and rewards, powered by $LB tokens earned through completing quests like posting on social media and attending events. By incentivizing their community through tokenized loyalty, Les Benjamins proves that streetwear continues to lead the way in innovation. Let’s dive in!

Les Benjamins
Join the Exclusive Flying Carpet Crew.

Les Benjamins: The Luxury Streetwear Brand Harnessing Blockchain to Reward Its Community

Luxury streetwear company Les Benjamins has recently showcased how blockchain technology can be harnessed to engage and reward their communities. Significantly, they have partnered with Kalder to unveil its Flying Carpet Crew. The program allows members, known as Carpet Weavers, exclusive access to VIP events. Excitingly, these include pop-up sales and fashion shows. Notably, Carpet Weavers can earn exclusive $LB tokens by completing quests such as posting on social media, scanning QR codes at Les Benjamins events, and collecting POAPs during live streams.

The community can use their $LB tokens in several ways. These include secure access to events, limited-edition apparel, and even collaborating directly with the Les Benjamins team. Additionally, they have seamlessly integrated new technology into a familiar and easy-to-use interface. This is done by integrating the Carpet Weaver membership card into members’ Apple Wallets. Markedly, this makes onboarding and regular use simple and convenient.

So, how can we get involved? Les Benjamins and Kalder created the first batch of Carpet Weavers during Paris Fashion Week. However, they are providing more opportunities for the community to join in. To coincide with their Dubai event, they will unlock 500 additional NFT passes on May 3rd. This exciting development is sure to attract more enthusiasts and supporters of the brand, who can benefit from the unique rewards and opportunities offered by Les Benjamins and Kalder’s innovative approach to community management.

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Emily Neale

Emily is from the UK, currently living in Dubai. She’s fallen in love with web3 for its potential, innovation, and the opportunity it provides to connect with others around the world. Emily enjoys travel, reading, and good food.

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