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LANDWERX Launches to Drive Ag Innovation for Farmers

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DEFENSEWERX, Landus partnership will advance U.S. food security efforts through first-of-its-kind innovation hub focused on addressing farmer needs

DES MOINES, Iowa, May 4, 2023 (

Farmers throughout Iowa and the greater Midwest will soon have access to a new approach to ag innovation designed not only to put farmers at the center and deliver in-demand solutions directly to operators themselves but also to further ensure the nation’s food and national security.

DEFENSEWERX, the world’s largest innovation ecosystem intermediary serving the nation’s leading national security, defense and intelligence communities, and Landus, the agricultural cooperative transforming the economic and societal value placed on farms among the food value chain, proudly announce the launch of LANDWERX, a first-of-its-kind agriculture innovation hub and the latest addition to the DEFENSEWERX network.

“Food security is national security,” said Landus president and CEO, Matt Carstens. “When you understand that, it becomes clear the critical role our farmers play, not just within the ag industry, but within society at large. This partnership with DEFENSEWERX can help put an exclamation point on just how important it is to the country, and especially our rural communities, that we keep farmers front-and-center when it comes to food security and innovation. Farmers are some of our country’s best and most practical problem-solvers.” 

Since 2012, DEFENSEWERX has been trusted to deliver its proven impact-focused processes and help partners leverage the most expansive innovator network curated for national security, defense, and intelligence. The firm’s government partners have developed or accessed countless innovative solutions addressing the most pressing issues facing soldiers and front-line operators in organizations such as U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Central Intelligence Agency, among others. Landus, Iowa’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, now becomes its first non-government innovation hub partner.

The LANDWERX innovation hub, based out of the Landus Innovation Connector in Des Moines, will open new doors to civilian innovation, granting farmers unprecedented access to problem solvers and solutions within the DEFENSEWERX ecosystem, and bringing together nontraditional collaborators to more rapidly address the biggest on-farm challenges, including everything from finding new, autonomous ways to address labor shortages to improving equipment and infrastructure deficiencies. 

“This is a proud day for Landus and our farmers as we incorporate ag operators and our rural communities into the DEFENSEWERX ecosystem of mission-driven and operator-focused innovation hubs,” Carstens said. “This partnership formed through a shared passion for uplifting the American farmer and advancing food security forward with farmers always at the center. It is an absolute privilege to participate in the leading innovation ecosystem DEFENSEWERX has created, and our teams are eager to get to work together to solve ag’s biggest challenges.”

In addition to helping farmers address day-to-day needs, LANDWERX brings access to robust funding opportunities earmarked to advance rural vitality initiatives, addressing a wide variety of rural and farmer-voiced concerns, industry shortfalls, sustainability and more.

“We are convinced that the unique mission of LANDWERX will bring enduring innovative solutions to our crucial agricultural community members and enhance national security,” remarked Brian Liesveld, DEFENSEWERX CEO. 

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