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These attacks make Pokémon Go’s raid camera react in some very broken ways

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An intriguing Pokémon Go bug surfaced on April 23, according to player reports. It seems to be triggered by specific attacks that break the raid camera and make Pokémon stand in unexpected ways.

When players use attacks such as Shadow Force and High Horsepower, the camera turns the raid Pokémon upside down, according to reports on social media.

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The video clip below shows Pokémon moving in strange ways after using these specific attacks. They either seemingly stand high in the air, on the ground, or even get completely turned around.

Although the bug will almost certainly confuse Pokémon Go players, it doesn’t impact the game or hinder the capacity of players to defeat raid opponents since they still can reach them with attacks.

It’s still unclear whether other attacks can break the raid camera like this. Niantic has yet to comment on the issue. While waiting for a fix, players should look out for more triggers to this mind-bending bug.

Pokémon Go players can meanwhile still clear content during Sustainability Week, which started on April 20 and will last until April 26, 8pm local time.

The event stirred controversy after the developer revealed a bonus was mistakenly shown to players and wasn’t part of the event on April 21. Since then, however, Niantic has gifted a free bundle to make amends for the confusion.

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