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Reddit is updating its gender identity and ads policies

Reddit will soon begin using self-disclosed gender identity to personalize ads on the platform. The goal of this change is to ensure that the content you see on Reddit – including advertising – is as relevant to the user as possible. 

Implementing the new changes. The change will be implemented on April 24, 2023. Reddit wants to ensure its users are aware of the upcoming change and have ample time to adjust their account settings or remove their gender information if desired. Private messages will be sent to users who have previously provided their gender, while those who haven’t will be informed during the account creation process and on the account settings page where they can provide their gender.

Who is affected. Accounts that will be affected by this change include those that have previously provided gender information during account creation or at a later date via their account settings. New accounts that volunteer this information will also be impacted, with notifications provided during the account creation process.

Good to know. It is important to remember that sharing this information is entirely optional and not required when creating a new Reddit account. Those who have never provided gender information will not be affected by this change.

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Opt-out. Accounts can remove gender identity if they have already provided it by opting out in their account settings, where they can select “I prefer not to say” for their gender. Users can learn how to control their privacy settings in the Reddit Help Center if they want to limit the use of their shared gender identity to content and community recommendations.

Dig deeper. You can read the announcement from Reddit here.

Why we care. Reddit’s new policy allows advertisers to deliver more relevant and targeted content to users. By catering to users’ specific interests and preferences based on their provided information, advertisers can enhance their ads’ effectiveness, foster a deeper connection with their target audience, and potentially increase user engagement and conversion rates. This approach also demonstrates that advertisers are mindful of users’ unique identities and experiences, which can help build trust and improve their brand’s reputation in the long run.

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