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Neymar almost got as many kills as s1mple in CS:GO match

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Everybody into CS:GO knows s1mple is the GOAT, but only a few know that soccer superstar Neymar is also very capable with a mouse and keyboard at his disposal. The Ukrainian and Brazilian have been friends for a while now, and they gathered during IEM Rio 2023 yesterday to play CS:GO on a LAN setup. To fans’ surprise, Neymar nearly matched s1mple’s fragging output.

They played Mirage, a map perfect for casual players like Neymar, and stomped the enemy team 16-6. S1mple got 26 kills and three assists in the 22 rounds played, while Neymar got 22 kills and six assists, according to Neymar’s story. “Two goats in the same room,” one fan commented on s1mple’s picture with Neymar during the CS:GO LAN.

Neymar injured his ankle in mid-February. Ever since he underwent surgery in March, he’s been spending more time in Brazil to recover instead of being in France with his club, Paris Saint-Germain. all of the time. S1mple revealed in February that Neymar had invited him to come to Paris, but he didn’t have time for it, and now they’re having fun together in Rio.

Neymar has been playing CS:GO every now and then since 2016, when he invited then-SK Gaming stars FalleN and coldzera to teach him some tricks and play a couple of matches together. He also played with FURIA players Andrei “arT” Piovezan and Yuri “yuurih” Gomes in 2020 against ZywOo, apEX, and shox. He even knifed ZywOo on that occasion.

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