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How gmoney is Gamifying Brand Loyalty Using Twitter Check Marks

Crypto-native luxury house 9dcc by gmoney, recently purchased the business verification check mark on Twitter. This badge confirms the authenticity of an organization’s Twitter account. Moreover, the checkmark also allows verified brands to extend a blue check and logo placement to their affiliates. Learn how gmoney uses this to his advantage to offer benefits to his 9dcc community.

a screenshot of gmoney's twitter with the golden business checkmark

How gmoney Uses Twitter Check Marks to Build His 9dcc Branding

As part of their gamification strategy, 9dcc offers the affiliate badge (blue checks) for free to the Top 25 members of their Network Points Leaderboard. Starting Monday, the top 25 members receive this reward as a form of recognition for their contribution to the community. This move not only highlights the composability of Web3 into Web2, but also provides insight into Twitter’s future profit potential. With interest around Elon Musk’s monetization strategy for Twitter, it is expected that other communities will follow this new trend.

It is worth noting that the verification process for Twitter can be a valuable tool for organizations. This is because it helps to establish trust and credibility among users. Moreover, by extending the verification badge to brand affiliates, companies can also benefit from the added exposure and recognition that comes with being verified on social media platforms. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how other businesses and communities respond to this new trend in the future.

On April 26th, gmoney tweets “It’s the highest acknowledgement from @9dccxyz to reward top community members. I fully expect other communities to follow this new trend.” to announce the way forward for his brand and community.

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Vineet is a storyteller based in Mumbai. Having previously worked for various web2 organizations as a journalist, instructional designer, and event manager, he got into blockchain in early 2021. As a musician by passion, he fell in love with the digital megastructures building the future of art and creativity. He believes that web3 unlocks creativity at a higher level, and works towards onboarding music projects to the space.

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