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Digital Foundry Says Jedi: Survivor 'Should Not Be Sold' In Its PC Release State

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Digital Foundry’s analysis of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is here, and man, it is one of their most brutal reviews in recent memory. While Respawn has acknowledged the game running poorly on PC, citing things like powerful GPUs mismatched with lower-spec CPUs, that seems to be masking much, much larger problems.

The gist of the video is that there is essentially no way to fully fix Jedi: Survivor on PC right now. Not with any specific settings, not with any spec machine. You can be running the game on low setting with the best graphics card on the market, and you will still be running into hitching and frame drop problems periodically, in addition to things like texture.

One issue is that for whatever reason, Jedi: Survivor is barely using the GPU power of most machines, resulting in lower performance, and there seem to be baked-in issues that span all settings and systems that are essentially impossible to fix on the players’ end.

Digital Foundry’s conclusion here is a rare one: The call this the worst PC port of 2023 so far, where we just had an awful PC port with The Last of Us Remaster, and several others before that. They actually say that the current PC version of Jedi: Survivor “should not be sold” in its current state, which is something I can’t remember Digital Foundry saying before. Not even in the Cyberpunk launch era, where that game actually ran better on PC than consoles at launch. Here, the opposite is true.

But while Digital Foundry is focused on PC, and the game is better on consoles, it’s still often not great there, either, with players complaining about performance issues on PlayStation and Xbox as well. We have already had one major launch patch for Jedi: Survivor, but as Respawn said in their message, the PC problems especially are complicated and will take time to test. The general consensus appears to be to wait for the PC version to be patched a few more times to fix many of these issues, as you’ll have a rough playthrough otherwise. Or you may just want to play it on console, the platform the game was clearly designed for, which you can tell immediately by the awkward menu navigation with mouse and keyboard.

It really is a shame that Jedi: Survivor is undergoing these issues because the general consensus is that the game itself, gameplay and story, is phenomenal once you actually get into it. But if you want to play on PC, this is just not how you should experience the game, and while I certainly don’t expect Respawn to stop selling it there, they do clearly have a done of work to do, and it should not have released in this state. No real excuse for that.

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Digital Foundry Says Jedi: Survivor 'Should Not Be Sold' In Its PC Release State Reviewed by RP on April 30, 2023 Rating: 5

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