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Call of Dragons

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard a lot of buzz lately about Farlight Games’ latest MMO conquest game, Call of Dragons, which recently launched for iOS, Android and PC. This visually stunning fantasy title, which tasks you with building an army of powerful warriors and magnificent beasts with which to defend and expand your civilization, might just be a contender for game of the year honors; here are four reasons why that’s the case.

A breathtaking world

Covering over 3.88 million square kilometers, the world of Call of Dragons (known as Tamaris) is absolutely massive in scale and is teeming with hundreds of different creatures and ecosystems to discover. And, as the spiritual successor to Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons allows you to easily navigate this colossal world with its infinite zoom feature. First seen in Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons iterates and improves upon it by upping the scale, depth, and beauty that can be enjoyed. Starting from a view that encompasses the entirety of the map, you can seamlessly zoom all the way down into your settlement, and explore beyond to look for potential encounters. What’s more the terrain is fully 3D, so when you encounter a natural obstacle, like a mountain or a ravine for instance, you’ll find various layers to the terrain which you can traverse. Besides making your interaction with the game’s environment even more immersive, the 3D design also adds a strategic component where you can use the terrain to your advantage during battle.


On top of its immense scale, the back-story and design of Tamaris also does a great job of making it feel like an interconnected world. The frozen tundra of the north for instance is dominated by Mount Dreadfang, an iconic landmark that served as birthplace to the Orcs. In the south on the other hand, you can find lush forests that play home to various mystical creatures and are the spiritual home of the Elves. Man-made wonders can also be found scattered throughout the map, such as the Forerunners’ Monument: a statue carved from rock that commemorates humanity’s glorious past. No matter where you are in Tamaris, you’ll feel like everything is perfectly connected.

In-depth strategy

Conquest is the name of the game in Call of Dragons, and to do so you’ll need to build up your army from four available troop types: infantry, cavalry, marksman, and magic. On the surface, this doesn’t differ too much from other strategy MMOs. The way these units match up against each other however, is where Call of Dragons sets itself apart.


Each unit possesses a unique set of attributes which determine their effectiveness in battle, and these can vary significantly even between similar unit types. For example, ranged units like Vestals, which have a “very far” attack range will have an edge over Ballistas in combat, which possess only a “medium” attack range. This same principle applies for every attribute which covers speed, range, attack, and defense. What’s more, these attributes can be buffed by equipping special gear, called Artifacts, to the heroes commanding your troops.

The way you deploy your units, the skill level of your heroes, and the way you use the battlefield terrain, offers an immense amount of strategic possibilities. What’s more, Call of Dragons offers a special troop type with the flying unit. This unit type will threaten aerial bombardments that make sure no place on the battlefield is safe and will force you to continually adapt your strategy.

Colossal beasts

Besides the hundreds of units available to be trained and added to your ranks, Call of Dragons features an extra special creature called Behemoths. Like the name suggests these characters are colossal in size and take the form of wild grizzly bears, giant serpents, and ancient birds known as Thunder Rocs. These wild beasts are formidable in battle and are capable of wiping out thousands of troops in one blow, but, with the help of your fellow alliance members, they can be defeated, tamed, and then summoned by your alliance in battle.

Owning a Behemoth offers another extra strategic option when it comes to combat, and their devastating attacks can swiftly turn the tide of a battle, but on top of that you’ll also receive bonuses that can increase the strength of your attacks, speed up troop training, and more.

Spectacular visuals

Call of Dragons takes tried and tested fantasy creatures like Elves, Orcs, and Dragons and presents them with an absolutely gorgeous visual design. The look of each character is meticulously designed to be unique, interesting, and beautiful (yes, that even goes for the Orcs). Coupled together with its sleek graphics and its richly detailed environments, Call of Dragons is one of the best looking mobile games you could wish to play.

It has the King’s approval

Zach King, the popular illusionist known for his “digital sleight of hand” videos, has brought his unique touch to Call of Dragons with an exciting collaboration which saw the recent release of his latest video “I Barely Survived a Dragon”. The video takes players on a thrilling journey as Zach uses his digital skills to escape a dragon’s lair, whilst showing off spectacular visuals that incorporates a few unique features from the game, such as the ability to wield a magic ice staff in battle. Call of Dragons fans have been particularly excited about the collaboration, which has already garnered millions of views and has added to the popularity of the game.


Call of Dragons has taken the gaming world by storm, and the collaboration with Zach King has added a touch of magic to the experience. If you’re eager to join the millions already enjoying Call of Dragons’ stunning visuals, exciting gameplay, and enchanting, then you can find it available to download for free right now from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can also find more information about Call of Dragons via the game’s official website.

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Call of Dragons Reviewed by RP on April 26, 2023 Rating: 5

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