English Vocabulary Builder: Using the Computer & Internet

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You can move the _______ on a screen to point to an item you’d like to click on.

To surf the internet, first open a _______ and input an address.

Use the _________ button to erase something you just typed on the screen.

To return to a previous page, click the ______ button, usually an arrow pointing to the left and located at the top left of the web page.

All the internet pages you visit are recorded in the browser’s ________. You can clear this tab to remove your searches.

By clicking the ________ button, you can make everything you type appear as capital letters.

To save a web page address for future reference, __________ it.

Protect your computer and information from strangers by using a strong _________.

You will need to ________ to your accounts to access your private details.

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