Twitter Social Media Rival Damus Makes Its Debut on App Store

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With its current positioning, Damus is notably ready to take on the privacy communication model beyond the big tech.

After its initial rejection, Damus, a decentralized social media platform messaging platform has finally made its debut on Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) AppStore. As reported by The Block, the social platform went live on Tuesday and the launch got a shout-out from Twitter founder and former Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey.

and Google Play Store:

and of course, the open web: (one of many)

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Damus is a true expression of the power of decentralization and it is hosted on the Nostr Protocol. It is billed to provide the sort of End-to-End Encryption that is peculiar to such social media platforms as Twitter and Facebook.

Damus is younger than its existing competitors and it gained popularity back in December of last year. The popularity of the social media platform grew among Bitcoin proponents based on the endorsement the project received from Dorsey.

Dorsey appreciated what Damus is trying to achieve in part because he is an advocate of decentralized social media. While still in charge of Twitter, Dorsey introduced the Bluesky protocol, a blockchain-based network that was designed to be a major hub to house other social media platforms.

While Twitter was one of the primary financiers of the Bluesky project, the company’s takeover by Elon Musk has placed doubt on the future of the project. Riding on his efforts to expand the evolution of social media and micro-messaging on the blockchain, Dorsey support donated the sum of 14 BTC worth about $300,000 at the time of donation in December last year.

The Damus app has witnessed about 40 developers contributing to its growth. As one of its major landmark achievements, the app has also integrated a Layer 2 Lighting Network widget to make Bitcoin payments and tips directly on the platform.

With its current positioning, Damus is notably ready to take on the privacy communication model beyond the big tech.

Core Essence of the Damus App Store Launch

The Apple App Store is a gateway by which millions of users around the world gain access to different third-party applications. For developers to list their applications on the App Store, they must have met a series of defined requirements and scrutinies, some of which Damus could not fulfill in its first trial.

With continuous working and building, Damus saw the more than 10,000 test users fill up quickly showcasing how attractive its proposal appears to members of the public. With the Nostr protocol, an acronym for Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays, the usage of the Damus app will be permissionless.

Per the report from The Block, Nostr “users generate a key pair, with the public key acting like a username and the private key used to sign the content posted. Users then broadcast messages to the protocol by connecting to decentralized relays that store the data via various web clients.”

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