Fans Plead WWE Legend to “Bring the Podcast Back” After Sensational Comment on Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso’s 2K23 Ratings

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One thing that gets the fans of WWE hyped every year is the latest edition of the WWE 2K series. This year, WWE 2K23 promises to be as exciting as ever. Fans always love to select their favorite wrestler and smash opponents in WWE style. This game is tailor made for action lovers. However, the overall ratings of some players brought a lot of discussion over online spaces. Especially the ratings of the Bloodlines duo, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso. Recently, a WWE Veteran addressed the tag team’s rating and their looks, in a hilarious tweet.


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WWE fans demand Kofi Kingston to restart his podcast

Fans recalled the history between WWE Veteran Kofi Kingston and The Uso brothers, after his latest tweet. In this tweet, Kingston raised a concern about the legitimacy of the twins. This hearkened fans back to an old podcast episode of The New Day, where Kingston debated with Xavier Woods and Big E. Fans remember the entertaining banter between the 3 hosts of the show. Therefore, many of them requested the 41-year-old to restart the podcast with his friends.


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Fans wrote in the comments section:

Damn, now I miss the New Day Podcast again. Bring it back please? It was wicked fun.

— Inhuman Rampager (@inhumanrampager) February 24, 2023

Fans miss their favorite WWE podcast series.

Kingston needs to address this in his podcast!

Fraternal twins aren’t identical, this isn’t a surprise

— Bennett Karoll (@TheBennettK) February 24, 2023

Looks like you gotta jumpstart the podcast to settle this

— Matt (@0N3L0V3) February 24, 2023

Some fans blamed the game for causing a rift.

2k23 trying to sabotage tag teams.

— Darryon Drummond (@DarryonDrummond) February 24, 2023

Kofi, you are better than this.

— Smurficus – Playoff Bound (@Smurficus_) February 24, 2023

Others didn’t like what the WWE veteran had to say. However, this tweet made many fans realize what they were missing from the WWE experience. Therefore, they demanded Kingston to work on a new episode of the hit podcast, “The New Day: Feel The Power“.

Back when Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso featured on “The New Day”

In the old podcast episode from March 2020, the Uso brothers sat down with Kingston and co. The room had a heated debate on whether the Uso brothers were , were infact, twins. Kingston tried to argue that if they were born minutes apart from each other, they wouldn’t be.

The whole episode was a laugh riot, with the two stars staring at each other with confused expressions. While Kingston tried to prove they wouldn’t be twins, if they were born on different dates, Big E tried to talk some sense into him, but to no avail. Kingston stuck to his theory of them not actually being twins.


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Kofi woke up this morning and chose violence 😂

— Felix 🦇 (@Felixvillla) February 24, 2023

However, this update from WWE 2K23 gives clarity as to whose the bigger brother among two. As, Jey Uso got a +1 over his brother, in terms of their overall combat ability.


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Do you think the rating of Uso’s are fair? Let us know in the comments below.

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