BAYC Dookey Dash Sewer Pass Claim Ends Tomorrow!

The Sewer Pass Claim and the BAYC Dookey Dash experience is coming to a close on February 8th (tomorrow!). So, with this in mind, it’s important to be aware of key scoring and delegation considerations that will impact your ability to participate in the summoning. The offical BAYC Twitter account revealed the details in a Twitter thread. Read on to find out how to be ready for the summoning.

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Get ready for the summoning!

How to Qualify for the BAYC Sewer Pass Dookey Dash Summoning?

To participate in the summoning, Sewer Passes cannot have a zero score after February 8th. Any passes that are tied to a score of 0 after this date will become invalidated. This means that they cannot take part in the summoning.

Further, the Sewer Pass score is connected to the last wallet and token ID combination used in the Dookey Dash game. Therefore, if you have played the game and not moved your pass to a new wallet, you can participate in the summoning! On the other hand, if you have moved your Sewer Pass to a new wallet and not played the game with that pass, your score will be 0.

To clarify – if you played Dookey Dash using your cold and hot wallet, each wallet and pass ID will have a different score. So play your last run with the wallet you want to lock in your final score. In simpler terms, both wallets will have their separate score sets. Ensure that the wallet with the higher score plays the game last, before the deadline.

In conclusion, scoring and delegation considerations are important to keep in mind. Be sure to tie your Sewer Pass to a frozen non-zero score. Also, play the last run with the wallet you want the score to lock on before February 8th. Finally – get excited for the summoning!

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