Talk of the County reader opinion: ‘If you want to know what the term gaslighting means ... listen to the lamestream media defending President Biden’

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He doesn’t care

If you want to know what the term gaslighting means, all you have to do is listen to the lamestream media defending President Biden, who had documents found in his house. He took them home with him. It was a mistake. It was a crime, and he knows it. But he doesn’t care. So when the media comes and says, oh Biden this it’s the same old junk. They look at it as what’s good for the Democratic president at the time, like it was with Obama.

Explain that

Republicans, why is it OK for Trump to add $8 trillion — that’s with a “T”— dollars to the deficit, but we don’t get to add any? Explain that to me, please.

That’s what’s wrong

I read in the Charles Selle column about hurtful names, but this is our history. They weren’t there to be hurtful. It was the name, and it’s our history. So anything that doesn’t make some person happy, we’re going to change the name? That’s garbage. You know the names of Gen. Robert E Lee and all these Confederates, that was history, people. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. That’s my take. You want to change names? You want to change the statues? You want to make sure none of our kids know what our history was? That’s what’s wrong with this country.

Pants on backward

To the moron who wrote “Slightly more important”: There is nothing more important than to secure our borders and our sovereignty. You know that they caught a hundred terrorists on our watch list in this country. We have let in 5 million illegals. Who’s going to feed them? Who’s going to take care of them from cradle to grave? You sound like you’re probably one of them in this country illegally. We don’t want to support you. And another thing, if that’s the worst thing that Trump ever says off the top of his head, at least he doesn’t put his pants on backward. Does he?

Pack of hypocrites

I read that guy’s Talk of the County thing that said the Republicans added $8 trillion dollars to the deficit, so I looked it up. Yes, indeed the Republicans did add $8 trillion dollars to the deficit when Trump was president. So, it seems as if the Republicans could not care less about the debt ceiling or the deficit. They don’t care about it until the Democrats are in. Then, all of a sudden, they find their fiscal austerity. This is getting to be hilarious. What a pack of hypocrites.

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